Usage Policy for Rare Book

Users must show an ID card, or any other document confirming their identity, that shall be hold by the librarian as long as the user stays in the Rare Books and Manuscripts area.
Upon entering the reading hall at the Rare Books and Manuscripts area, users should register and fill their details in a special form. Personal belongings have to be placed on one of the shelves in the cupboard at the entrance to the Rare Books and Manuscripts area.
Items from the Rare Books Collection cannot be borrowed, and any research of the books can be made only inside the room.
The use of any writing implement but pencils is restricted in this area.
Never mark any page in the rare books or write on a paper placed on top of a book.
All manuscripts in the room should be used with cautiousness by the researcher/student. Most of the material is old and unique. As such, it might be damaged easily.


Making photocopies of the rare manuscripts pages is acceptable under the following conditions:
The Rare Books and Manuscripts Section librarian is making the photocopies at the expanse of the user.
One cannot make photocopies of more than 10 pages in one session (the heat from the photocopy machine creates a chemical reaction that damages the papers). In certain conditions, due to deteriorated state of a rare book, a photocopy of its pages is not applicable.
We will all be grateful if a user turn the attention of a librarian to any damaged material, so that we can work on fixing it.