Submitting Course Reserve List

In order to enter a reserve offprint the teacher has to fill out a form that
can be found in the Reserve section or at the general circulation desk.
The teacher must add the offprint to the completed form.
It is important to fill out the form in full because the offprint will be
cataloged according to that information.
Please place new material in the Reserve collection a month and a half
before the beginning of the semester.
It will enable us to have the materials on time. Requests to transfer
offprints to the Reserve collection must comply with the rules of copyright.
Students can retrieve a copy of offprint from the
Electronic offprints and images database

A book will be transfered to the Reserve room according to the teacher's
request. The teacher must fill out the appropriate form that can be found
in the Reserve room, or at the general circulation desk.
There is no need to bring the book. All the book's copies will be transfered
to the Reserve room and will be circulated according to the loan period
specified on the form.
The loan period in the reserve section, are the same for the academic
staff and for general readers.
Requests to transfer books to the Reserve collection can be sent by e-mail

Private Books
If a book that is needed for the course's compulsory reading, can not be
found in the library, the teacher can leave his/her private copy.
The private books are kept at the Reserve desk
and handed to students only in return for their student card.
The library is not responsible for the loss
or damage of these books.

Copyright and Acceptable Use of Library Databases


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