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The system is accessible to University of Haifa students and faculty members only. It is possible
that your details are not included in the list of valid users. If you feel that an error has occurred,
write to our email and provide these details: Teudat Zehut number, full name, student or faculty
status, how you connect to the system and the exact text of the message received.

Q. I would like to change my SSO password. How do I do this?
A. Follow the instructions included in the SSO input form.

Q. The system cut off while I was working with it - why?
A. If there is no activity for more than 20 minutes, the user is automatically disconnected.

Q. When I select an offprint, nothing happens. Why?
A. Ensure that the Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed in your computer.
The latest version can be downloaded from here

For a complete explanation of the services available to people who connect to the Internet via the
as to make any commercial use or distribute them in any form.


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