Offprints - TooT

The purpose of the offprints collection is to provide support for Unversity
of Haifa courses. Users can view all scanned items for courses in which
 they are registered as students, or which they teach.


Accessing the Database
The offprints database is connected to the university-wide
 Single Sign On (SSO) identification system, your username for entering
 the system is your 9-digit ID, which slso serves as the temporary
password for first time users who will then be asked to select a permanent
password for subsequent use.

System requirements
Browsers: The system is known to work with Internet Explorer,
 Version 6.0 and above, and Firefrox, Version 2.0 and above.
Recommended screen resolution : 1024X768 Acrobat Reader.
To download above Acrobat Reader
The popup blocker must be turned off in order to view offprints

Transfering items teachers only


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