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Library opening hours from 10.7.19
Sunday - Thursday: 08:00-18:00
Friday: closed
Library services end fifteen minutes before the Library closes.
The Library's southern wing will be open until 20:00 from Sunday through Thursday. (Until 18.7.19)

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Order Policy

The University of Haifa Library Acquisitions librarians and Collection Development specialists assist faculty and staff in selecting and purchasing books, software, and audio-visual materials that are required for teaching, study, and research. Materials are purchased in Israel and imported from abroad according to the guidelines in our collection development policy.

Since it takes several months for materials to arrive from abroad, we recommend that order requests for foreign materials required for courses be submitted 6 months in advance to ensure timely arrival and processing. Current information about new publications is available on the internet in various acquisitions sources. Publishers' catalogs and promotional material are distributed regularly to each department's library liaison person for review and selection. All resources already in the library and those on order are listed in One search - the online public access catalog.

Faculty and staff of the University of Haifa may recommend materials for purchase by the library. Submit order requests to your subject specialist or to one of our addresses, by any of the following means:

Mark desired titles with your signature directly in publishers' catalogs, advertisements, bibliographies, etc., and submit them by mail, fax or personally.

Send an order request by E-Mail to the Acquisitions Department, using our electronic order forms (Hebrew or English).

Complete a printed order form available in the Acquisitions Department and at all library service desks.

Orders for non-Hebrew/Arabic materials are handled by the Foreign Language Services. Orders for Hebrew or Arabic materials are handled by the Hebrew and Arabic services. Requests for new journal subscriptions are handled by the Periodicals Department. Orders for non book materials (maps, video, multimedia, etc.) are handled by the Media Department.

Faculty and staff who wish to order books for their personal office use (in any language) may do so by charging the purchase to a departmental or research budget.

Personal orders should be submitted on a university purchase order form (tofes drisha), including the details of the requested material, the budget number to be charged, and signed by the authorized budget manager.Materials received as personal orders may be kept on permanent loan.

Submit personal order requests and questions to Neta Silberklang, room 138, tel. 2291

Teaching and research assistants may submit orders for the library on behalf of faculty members with their permission. Doctoral students who need materials for their own research can request a research grant from the Graduate Studies Authority. The Authority will submit orders to the library on the student's behalf to be paid from his/her research account. The books are given to the student on permanent loan to be returned to the library when the student completes his affiliation with the university.
Please rank each order requests in order of priority, so we can process them in the optimal sequence, according to the rankings below:

• COURSE: required reading for my students

1. RUSH: Needed for my research/teaching in this academic year. Please specify if item is required reading for students.

2. Needed for my future research/teaching.

3. Recommended for the library collection.

Faculty and staff of the University of Haifa may request any of the following services when ordering materials for the library.
If special treatment is required for an order, please indicate the service(s) desired on the order request.

RESERVE - When the book arrives, it will be sent directly to the Library Reserved Reading Room.
HOLD - When the book arrives, it will be held for you in the Library Circulation Department (for 7 working days). You will receive notification
RETURN - The catalog or bibliography that you submitted will be returned to you after the order has been processed.

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