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 Archives & Digital Projects

Digital Projects

Archives & Projects
  • Cultural Heritage Open or Close
    The "Cultural Heritage – Archives, Collections, Pictures" portal provides access to varied and unique content in the Library collections related to cultural heritage.
    The Library preserves and documents these materials and makes them accessible by tagging and integrating the collections in systems dedicated to the management of content collections and by conforming to international standards.
    These activities enable researchers, students, experts and the general public to use the materials, in digital format, for assorted purposes as reliable primary sources.
    All the content displayed in the portal is integrated into the "Digital Media Center," a system for storage, preservation and retrieval of information items in various formats, which is expanded and updated on an ongoing basis. The Library's cultural heritage preservation program is a part of the University of Haifa's vision of community involvement and of our continuing development of the digital library.
  • The Index to Hebrew Periodicals Open or Close
    The Index to Hebrew Periodicals is a unique multi-disciplinary bibliographic indexing project covering articles from Hebrew periodicals, collections, and monographs. With an interface in Hebrew and English, IHP delivers content from 1977 in Hebrew, English, and other languages.
  • Access Hebrew journals collection @ JSTOR Open or Close
    The Hebrew Journals Project is the result of an extensive collaboration of JSTOR with the University of Haifa Library and the National Library of Israel to digitize and make available the complete back runs of journals published in Hebrew. Access is now granted to the full text of 52 core journals in Hebrew. Please sign in for full access.
  • Historical Photographs of the Land of Israel Website Open or Close
    The Land of Israel has always attracted professional and amateur photographers. Over the years, archives, institutions and individuals have kept rare collections, documenting its unique views and people. The university's library operates for the digital conservation and documentation of these contents, in order to keep them from wearing out and to provide accessibility for education and research purposes.

    In the website are photographs from various sources that were donated to the library's Digital Media Center.

    The digital collection is part of the work done by the library of Haifa University. Its purpose is to expose and provide accessibility to historical photographs of the Land of Israel. The project started as cooperation with the department of Land of Israel Studies in Haifa University and Bitmuna project.
    The library staff scans and catalogues the photographs. Identification of documented locations, people and events is done with the help of collection owners, information received from users, and the kind help of Mr. Kanisberg, Ronnie.

    The website allows access to the library's photographs collections according to theme, contributor or geography. It also allows access to the Digital Media Center's search options, where you can search freely for various materials.

    All the photographs in the Historical Photographs of the Land of Israel website are available to the public, under fair use and copyright limitations. 
  • Corporal Album (in Heb.) Open or Close
  • Rare Books & Special Collection Open or Close
    Rare Books & Special Collection in University of Haifa Library date from the medieval period to the present time, and cover a wide range of subject areas.

    Highlights include:

    - Books on Judaica

    - Spinoza's book: Tractatus theologico-politicus with his handwritten remarks.

    - Encyclopedie Ou Dictionnaire Raisonne des Sciences (Encyc. Diderot)

    - Turkish collection - a large collection of "Salnameh" yearbooks of the Ottoman Empire.

    - Pages from the "Geniza".

    More details on items in the collection can be found in the Library catalog.

    The mission of the Rare Books & Special Collection is to promote access to these resources by preserving them in a safe and secure environment, and to help researchers locate and use this rare and valuable material. The Rare Book Room is specially designed to ensure optimum security, lighting and atmospheric conditions. The materials may be used only under staff supervision.
  • The Abba Khoushy Archive Open or Close
    The Abba Khoushy Archive contains documents from 1919 to 1969 that were collected during the period of Abba Khoushy’s activities in Israel as a public and political figure, as chairperson of the Haifa Workers’ Council and as the Mayor of Haifa during the years 1951-1969.
    This is a historical-documentary archive that includes, along with Abba Khoushy’s personal collection, personal collections of institutions, organizations and companies. Some of the documents deal with security, industry, culture, education, city planning and construction, shipping and the sea, strikes, trade union, workers’ rights, relations with Arabs and Druzes, international relations, and more. Many of the documents include speeches, memos, lectures and articles for the press written by Abba Khoushy himself.
  • Digitization of the Journal Al-Karmil Open or Close
    It was an old wish of the lecturers at the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Haifa to run an annual periodical, in which they can publish some of their researches which they conduct in various fields of the Arabic language and literature. In 1980, such a wish became a truth once the first volume of al-Karmil was published.

    The first editors of al-Karmil wanted their colleagues from outside the University of Haifa and also from various universities in the world to send their papers to be published in their journal. Among the first scholars who was interested in such an idea was the French Charles Pellat, who sent his article on the "Muru'a" (virility) to al-Karmil, and it was published in the first volume.

    Al-Karmil is a refereed journal. Since 2004-2005, it became a bilingual journal which publishes articles in Arabic and in European languages. The journal deals with various aspects of the Arabic language, literature, civilization, and religion, both in the classical and the modern periods. In every volume, there are a few pages reserved for reviews. In addition, there is a series of books which are published as a supplement to this journal.


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