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Upload Movies & Pictures for Courses

Film reserve request
Films for courses and/or for research purposes are available in all fields including motion pictures, documentary films, educational movies and plays. Movies are integrated into the library collection and are loaned according to library borrowing policies. 

Please supply the needed materials at least two weeks in advance. For more information please contact: Einat Ritz-Negli telephone: 04-8249129, 3129 email:

- Film reservation for screening during class 
please submit your request in advance to the media department at: Telephone: 04-8249218, 3128 email:

- Video editing 
video editing of segments from video cassettes and compact discs for teaching and research purposes is available. An instruction guide for the use of the editing work station can be obtained at the media desk. Please adhere to copyright laws and edit short experts within the limits of fair use.

Digital item collection and database creation 
The media department specializes in scanning and digitizing items and making them accessible on the internet. A specialized scanning team is responsible for digital content production. The team uses high quality methods in the process of material preparation for digitation which meet the international digital preservation and accessibility standards. The digitation process offers digital asset collection and database creation (images, text, audio files, etc.) For more information please contact: Ora Zehavi telephone: 04-8240298, 2298 email: Keren Brener telephone: 04-8288457, 8457 email:


Upload Movies & Pictures for Courses