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QSIA - Questions Sharing and Interactive Assignments


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What is Qsia (PDF)

The QSIA system is a web-based environment for learning, assessing and knowledge sharing in communities:

- The system creates exams, assignments, surveys, and other types of knowledge items through a general sharing reusable database.

- It enables independent learning, practice, exam writing, and participation in online surveys or feedback forms through: activities, exams, short term assignments such as homework or long term assignments such as a research journal with inquiry questions.

- The system's collective database enables knowledge sharing among participants (usually teachers and faculty) and includes several layers of sharing according to user groups, courses, and knowledge areas. Sharing enables personal information management, knowledge management, item reuse in different contexts, as well as an advanced search engine to locate items in various levels and attributions, within the personal database and the general collective database.

- The system assignments are arranged in bundles – a collection of knowledge items, either from the personal database or the general collective database. The system enables one to arrange the items in various ways as well as to choose specific items to be displayed in specific areas according to content, context or difficulty level – in an improved and advanced mode.

- The system enables the creation of various knowledge items, to define each item with a specific or automatic score within the activity and to assign them with different parameters. It is even possible to define partial activities and follow up activities.

- The system offers reports and control screens for teachers as well as enables real time control of assignment completion and the participants' progress.

- The system enables its users to grade items they were presented with during the assignments while justifying their classification. In this way, the assignment creators get ongoing feedback regarding the items and their appearance in various contexts within the assignments.

- The system offers its users independent study assignments and assignments that are time limited as well as the ability to give immediate feedback, either literal or graded, on specific items, defined by the teacher.

- The system gathers information regarding item usage across time and provides information regarding these items, their attribution, and performance according to study groups. The reports and statistics help locate problematic items, to monitor difficulty levels and quality, and improve both the personal and collective databases.

- QSIA is connected to the Haifa University Single Sign On (SSO) system. Moodle activities or activities from other systems can be assigned to QSIA without additional authentication (it is also possible to assign external users by adding their information through other approaches).

QSIA has been developed since 2001 by University of Haifa's Center for Internet Research, as a project of researchers and Ph.D. students. The project was led by
Prof. Sheizaf Refaeli. Starting 2007, QSIA and its development have been managed by the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Library of the University of Haifa.

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- For questions, further information, and technical support contact us at:

Information about QSIA (PDF)