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The Library Information Systems unit (LIS)

The Library Information Systems unit (LIS) is responsible for computer equipment, communications infrastructure, and library information resources. 
The unit is in charge of  library computer systems, acquisition, software installation and upgrading, management, backup, and restoration, as well as providing technical support and the repair of  library computers (within library staff offices and public workstations within the library). In addition, the unit staff is involved in the development of information systems, their implementation and maintenance, including website creation and digital project support. The staff includes trained computer and information systems specialists, some of whom are trained librarians .


 - Head of Library Information Systems Team: Boaz Dotan

 - Support and software installation: Yoav Ayash, Tzahi Shusterman 

 -  Networks and operations: Sorin Solomon,  Serge Kohn 

 - Systems, programming and databases:  Yosef Branse, Marina Kalach, Nir Zinger 

 -  Outreach and graphic design: Jenny CarmelRiki Greenberg  

Library Information Systems Staff, Tel. numbers and E-mails