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Children's Library Activities

  Children's Library Activities

The children's library offers a variety of activities and workshops for pre-school and elementary school children.

Information literacy basics – activity for elementary school students

The activity is appropriate for second to fourth graders and is four hours long. Instruction is given by the library staff (in Arabic as well). Price: 600 NIS for a group of maximum 35 students. 
This meeting combines investigative learning activities with reading encouragement activities while using our comprehensive and updated collection of 20,000 children's books in Hebrew and Arabic (literature and information books). 

- Investigative learning activity: students chose a subject, ask questions about it, and discuss possible relevant information sources for their topic. The process includes: information search and retrieval within the library resources and the internet, editing the information into a concise paper and presenting it to the whole class, and receiving feedback on the whole project.

- Reading encouragement activity: reading and reviewing children's literature and non-fiction information resources. The process includes: choosing a book, writing a book review, as well as presenting the review orally, binding all the students' book reviews into a "class book review handbook" which could be read by each student.

Parent child workshop

Library experience: words, pictures, books, and creativity.
An experiential workshop for preschoolers, first graders and their parents.. These workshops are appropriate for preschoolers and first graders who are only beginner readers and writers, and focuses on nonfiction illustrated children's books on various topics such as human body parts, animals, vehicles, etc. The children use a book to create a personal "diary" about their preferences. Each child then "binds" the diary into a book to take home at the end of the workshop. Workshop goals: to facilitate an elementary and unmediated experience with books on various relevant topics and the ability to "read" through illustrations and photographs. To expose children to the diverse and rich collection of different books, which are usually unavailable to them on a regular basis at home or at preschool or elementary school. To provide children with an enriching and creative experience while advocating the library as a fun and enjoyable place. The workshop is two hours long and takes place between 16:30 and 18:30. Price: 40 NIS per child. Specific dates are posted regularily on the library website and facebook. 

For additional information contact: Yasmin Elad -