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Interlibrary Loans

The Interlibrary Loans service enables University of Haifa students and faculty to order books, theses and articles from other Israeli and foreign libraries for a fee. Students and faculty can also order a photocopy of an article/book chapter from the library collection at the same rate.

Book/chapter request Book/Article Request Form (sign in and then click on Interlibrary Loan at the top-menu)

Online payment
by credit card

  • Who is entitled to Interlibrary loan? Open or Close
    Students and faculty of the University of Haifa and external readers
    who are registered in the library system.
  • What can I order via Interlibrary Loans? Open or Close
    The Interlibrary Loans service enables University of Haifa students and faculty to order books, theses and articles from other Israeli and foreign libraries for a fee. Students and faculty can also order a scan of an article/book chapter from the library collection at the same rate.
  • How do I order a book or an article? Open or Close
    To place an order you should fill in the online form (at the top of this page). You can also send us a request by e-mail to: with full bibliographical details, your i.d. number, method of payment and purpose of use.
  • How much does an order cost? Open or Close
    See: LIbrary fees 
  • How do I pay for an order? Open or Close
    New! online payment by credit card
    - Receipt of a payment voucher at the Circulation Desk and payment in the Photocopying Room in the library.
    - Telephone payment by credit card at 04-8249770; 04-8249691.
    Patrons must return one copy of the payment voucher to the Circulation Department in person, by email, by mail or by fax.
  • How soon do books and articles arrive? Open or Close
    - Articles from libraries in Israel and abroad will be delivered within one week.
    - Books from Israeli libraries will be delivered within two weeks.
    - Books from foreign libraries abroad will be delivered within one month.
  • How do I know that a book or article has arrived? Open or Close
    You can check the status of your Interlibrary Loan requests in your "Library Account" on the library website.
    Once an item has arrived, we will send you a notification by e-mail with a link to online payment by credit card.
    After payment you should go to the Circulation Desk within three weeks to collect the book.
    If you requested an article, a link will be sent to you by email.
  • Can I receive articles by email? Open or Close
    After payment, we will give you a printed copy of the article or send you a link to the article by email.
  • How long can I borrow books from other libraries? Open or Close
    Students, faculty, and external readers who are registered in the library may borrow books for EIGHT weeks.
  • Is it possible to extend the loan period? Open or Close
    We do not usually renew ILL requests. In special cases, we will renew for an additional two weeks if you contact us by email
  • What happens if I return a book late? Open or Close
    If you return a book later, you will be charged a fine of 10 NIS per day per book.
  • Can I cancel an order? Open or Close
    You may cancel an order only if the supplying library did not begin processing the order.
    Cancellation requests must be sent to the Interlibrary Loan Dept. by e-mail.
  • How can I search for an item in another library? Open or Close
    Other Libraries' Catalogs:
  • Copyright & Fair Use Open or Close
    The Copyright Law of 2007 (Israel) applies to photocopying, scanning and replication by other means of copyright protected materials. The University of Haifa Library will provide print or digital copies of materials from its collection in keeping with the Copyright Law. Written assent from holders of copyright may be required. In certain cases, as articulated in the law, the University of Haifa Library may issue a copy of a work, or part thereof, for (among others) research purposes or personal use, according to the fair use directives. A reader who submits a request to copy, or make use of a copy that exceeds the limits of "fair use" will bear responsibility for violating the Copyright Law.
    The University of Haifa Library reserves the right to refuse such a request should it consider fulfilling it a violation of the Copyright Law.
    For more information.
  • Interlibrary loan services for non-academic and foreign libraries Open or Close
    The Interlibrary Loan Team at the University of Haifa Library offers the following services to libraries:
    - Book/Thesis Loans
    - Articles/Book Chapters

    We do not supply scans or loans of Psychological Tests, Daily Newspapers or Microfilms/Microfiches.
    We do not loan from the Reserved Collections, Rare Book Collection or the Children's Books' Collections
    Charges for libraries are as follows:
    - Book/thesis loans: 25 NIS or 4 IFLA vouchers (12 NIS for Medical Libraries).
    - Article or Book Chapter : 25 NIS per article (up to 50 pages) or 2 IFLA vouchers. (20 nis for Medical Libraries).
     ** Due to copyright – we are allowed to scan two chapters, or 20% whatever is smaller.
    Each month, an invoice will be sent to the requesting library - if the amount is more than 100 NIS. If the amount is less than NIS 100, an invoice will be sent after six months.

    Method of ordering
    Orders for loans or photocopies may be sent by e-mail to: or via OCLC - our code is I8H

    Methods of delivery of items
    Books are sent by courier (within Israel), and by Express mail (abroad). They must be returned to us by courier or registered mail.
    Articles are sent as PDF links by e-mail.
    For more details please contact: Dr. Lynne Porat or 04-8240529.
  • Interlibrary loan services for the Bnei Brak College (Mivhar): Guidelines for requesting scanned articles from journals/books Open or Close
    Mivhar students and faculty may request scans of articles and book chapters from the University of Haifa collection at no cost.
    The request should be placed using the regular Interlibrary Loan form (at the top of this page). The item will be sent by email as a link to a PDF file.
    Students and faculty may also request books from the University of Haifa collection to be delivered to their home (45 ₪) or to the college (25 ₪).

    For more details, see movie (in Hebrew).

Questions to: Dr. Lynne Porat Head of Interlibrary Loan Team, Room 231. University of Haifa,Younes & Soraya Nazarian Library Mount Carmel Haifa, 3498838 Israel 972-4-8240529, 972-4-8240641