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Media, Reserve collections & Archives Department

The Media, Reserve collections & Archives Department Department processes the library's special collections including audio-visual information and multimedia in various formats – analog, digital, physical, and online. The media collections are located in the reserved collections area on the entrance floor..

The Digital Media Center is an image, text file, video, and audio database on various subjects and is part of the media collection. Some of the items are free for use by the general public  while others are accessible to the University of Haifa community only.

Our media librarians specialize in reference service and collection development in the following subjects and fields: art, archeology, cartography, Israel studies, natural resources and environment, cinema, video, music, and theatre. They also specialize in creation of archives and digital images. 


- Head of Media, Reserve collections & Archives Department : Ora Zehavi

- Archives and rare books: Adina Zur-Jiji

- Art : Aviva Levin (substitute Ora Zehavi)

- Archeology:  Luisa (Lu) Bel-Ashkenazi 

- Cinema and video:  Einat Ritz-Nagli 

- Cartography, Israel studies:  Hadas Atikai 

- Geographical information systems, digital images of Haifa and the vicinity:  Flora Hareli

- CDs, digital images of Israel: Alexandra Wolloch 

- Anthropology, digital imaging, preservation and digitization: Keren Barner

- Digitool system coordinator, digitization: Tahel Gover 

Media Staff, Tel. numbers and E-mails