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The Periodicals Department

The Periodicals Department orders, receives and processes periodical subscriptions. It maintains tens of thousands titles in various languages and formats: Print publications, Electronic journals, Microfiche and microfilm and Online databases. What is a periodical?

Location and organization:

The Periodicals Department office is located in the library's new wing on the 2nd floor, room 242. The hebrew collection is located on the central wing at the library entrance floor (700 floor). The non-hebrew collection is located in the library's new wing on floor 0.

Law journals are held in the Law section on the first floor. Microforms (Microfilm, Microfiche, and Microcard) of journals, newspapers, rare and out-of-print books, and manuscripts are located in the Microforms area within the Hebrew periodicals collection. All periodicals are shelved according to broad subject area and their call number usually starts with the letter "X".

Electronic Journals Collections:

The Library subscribes to a growing number of electronic journals. This subscription allows access to the full text of many articles
through the Internet. Access to full text may be done in either ways. All online periodicals are cataloged and available through the One search system.

Hebrew Language Periodicals:

This collection consists of about 3.800 titles in many different fields. The library subscribes to most Hebrew language periodical publications including local daily press, which is available on microfilm. Hebrew language articles can be located using the One search system under Hebrew articlea tab. This database is searchable through subject terms, author's name, periodical title, etc.

Non - Hebrew language periodicals:

The non-Hebrew language periodicals is located in the new wing on floor 0 and includes about 37.000 different titles. Although the majority are English language periodicals, a substantial number are in French, German, Arabic, Russian and other languages. Articles in English can be found using the Databases list on the library homepage. When full bibliographic details are known, the connection "search by bibliography citation" is recommended.


The microform collections include some 6.000 titles. The main items to be found in microforms are:

- Books

- Dissertations

- Israeli Newspapers - recent ones as well as pre-State ones

- Non - Israeli Newspapers

- Rare manuscripts

- Special collections

Microfilm and microfiche scanning
The ScanPro 2200 scanner is available for viewing and scanning microfilm and microfiche transparencies. The scanner is located at the reference desk and is connected to a computer, which enables printing of viewed pages as well as saving and emailing them.

Periodicals circulation

Periodical team, phone numbers and e-mails