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Shop at Amazon and Help the Library!

Shop at Amazon and Help the Library!   

If you are already, or plan to become, an Amazon customer enter the Amazon website from this page by clicking on one of the buttons below and help the library earn a commission that we will use to enrich our collection.


Link to Amazon US Link to Amazon UK
Link to Amazon Germany Link to Amazon France


Our library, like many academic libraries worldwide participates in the Amazon Associates Program. As an Amazon partner, our library will receive a commission of up to 15% of the price of any item (books and other products) you order from your personal Amazon account when you enter and submit your order via the link to Amazon on the library's website.

Ordering from our link to Amazon will not cost you more and will enable us to enrich the collection with new books we will purchase from the commission earned.

Please note:

- The library will earn a commission on the condition that the item was placed in the "Cart" and "Ordered" on the same day. 
- Your privacy is guaranteed. Amazon does not send us details of persons who order via the Library's link.