Library Assessment Team

You requested ...What we are doing about it - May 2012

During the past 6 years the library has been conducting a number of assessment activities such as
 surveys and focus groups which have examined various aspects of library services including the physical environment, the collections, services, user interfaces and user needs.

Below are details of some of the actions recently taken by the library based on the results of these surveys
 and as part of the annual library workplan.
You requested ... What we are doing about it
Group study rooms                  New group study rooms were opened in the new wing in 2011.
With the opening of the renovated third floor in June 2012 additional group study areas were made available.
 Quiet  study areas  quiet reading room was opened on level 0 of the new wing in 2011, in addition to areas suitable for quiet independent study in the main library. With the opening of the renovated third floor in June 2012 more seats for quiet independent work were made available.
 Quiet in the library  We have stepped up the enforcement of quiet in the library with additional patrols. Patrons who are not quiet are given a warning, and if necessary are taken to the university disciplinary committee.
 Easy access to library  systems  The new version of "OneSearch" offers access to full text articles in English in addition to books, articles in Hebrew, pictures, maps, videos and databases.
 More laptops for use in the library  The library now offers five additional laptops for four-hour loan periods, in addition to the five we already offer.
 Reduced prices for Interlibrary loans  In January 2012 the library decided to further subsidize its interlibrary loan service by reducing prices of articles as follows (making it one of the cheapest in any Israeli university library):
Article scans from an Israeli library - 15 nis instead of 18 nis
Article scans from an overseas library - 60 nis instead of 90 nis
 Shorter waiting times at service desks  The Reference and Periodicals service desks were combined into one service desk resulting in shorter waiting times.
Full text articles in Hebrew As part of a national project, and with JSTOR, the full text of four academic Hebrew journals is now available from the first issue until five years ago, and Hebrew additional journals are currently being scanned.
Better quality printers At the beginning of the 2011-12 academic year the library replaced all its public printers with new printers.
Better signage With the opening of the renovated third floor in June 2012 there will be new updated signage.
Vending machines Cold drinks and snacks machines are now available on the 0 level in the new wing adjacent to the reading room.