Library Assessment Team

You requested...What we are doing about it 2013

Below are details of some of the actions undertaken by the library in 2013 based on requests from users and initiatives of the library staff.
The table outlines issues concerning the physical environment, library collections, and interfaces.

 We listen to you  and do..
 Group study rooms and doctoral/research  rooms                
We have added rooms for group study.
We have added rooms for individual study for doctoral students and researchers.
We now offer a computerized room booking service
 Quiet in the library

We have expanded our attempts to maintain quiet and pleasant learning conditions . We now make several trips around the library per day to ensure there is no noise.
 Food and drink in the library
We have created a dining area in the northern wing where you are allowed to eat and drink.
Soon we will be opening a library café on the 0 level of the southern wing.

 Easy access to databases

We have made it easier to access library databases - for most databases identification is not required after identification from within the campus or remote login, except for a limited number of databases.

 Expansion of access to full text articles in  Hebrew

We are continuing to expand access to full text articles in Hebrew (via the Index to Hebrew Periodicals - IHP).

 New online library tutorial

We have developed a new online library tutorial which is accessible to all students via Moodle.
 Improving computers and equipment

We have improved the computing and printing equipment throughout the library.
You can now print using a credit card.
Soon you will be able to send printouts from laptops/tablets via WiFi.
We have begun lending tablets in addition to laptops.

 Alerting about collections
We have placed new issues of Hebrew periodicals in the main wing near the Reference Desk.
We have placed archaeological reports and surveys together in the Media Dept.
 Updated fines policy

Patrons who return requested items late will be charged a fine.
Link to “More information about Circulation Services and Fines”

 Color and interest

We regularly prepare temporary exhibitions and organize cultural events in various fields. Link to “More information”
 Improved signage
We have added signage throughout the library and are continuing to do so.