red bullet  Primo New UI - Not Just for Undergrads: A usability study - presented  at IGeLU 2018, Prague, Czech Republic. August 2018...full presentation

red bullet Report on International Performance Measurement Conference 12.8.13 ...full presentation

red bullet Using LibQUAL+ to meet strategic objectives at the University of Haifa - presented at LibQUAL+ Exchange Workshop, 10th Northumbria Conference on Performance Measurement, 22.7.13...full presentation

red bullet University of Haifa Library Assessment Activities - presented at Israeli Library Managers Forum meeting, January 2009...full presentation
red bullet LibQUAL Lite in Hebrew - presented at 8th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement, August 2009, Florence...full presentation

red bullet Results of the 2008 LibQUAL survey - presented to University of Haifa Library Department Heads, September 2009...full presentation