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Mendeley is a software for managing bibliographic information and an academic social network. The software is designed to collect and manage information sources, insert citations in the body of the work in the desired citation style, building bibliography automatically, and collaborate online with other researchers.

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Migration guide: From RefWorks & Proquest RefWorks to Mendeley


RefWorks is a web-based bibliography manager that allows you import and manage different citation types: books, articles and internet websites from the various library databases.
Recently, a new and improved RefWorks version was released. Its interface is modern and easy to use.
The previous version (currently called Legacy RefWorks) will be available at least until January 2018. During this transition phase, the new version will run in parallel to the previous version. However, currently, the new version does not support documents that were edited on the previous version, therefore we recommend that you transition after you finish editing and existing document and before you begin editing a new one.