crusaders sculptures

About the collection

Dr. Jacoby was a senior lecturer in the Department of Art History at the University of Haifa from 1973 to 1999. She specialized in the history of Romanesque and Crusader sculpture, devoting her time primarily to sculptures in Israel. She died suddenly in December 1999, without completing her life's work: writing a book identifying and documenting the remains of Crusader sculpture in Israel, for which 800 photographs had been made. Most of the photographs were by the photographer Ze'ev Radovan.

The University of Haifa Library set to work to preserve the original photographic collection and make it accessible. This collection joins a number of others that have been deposited with the Library in recent years, in an attempt to preserve the cultural heritage of the Land of Israel. The Library preserves these distinctive collections by creating a suitable infrastructure and enabling remote access for retrieval of material by various segments of the population involved in different areas of research.

The original photograph collection is currently located in the Library, and has been organized into albums. Each album is dedicated to a specific site, findings from museums, private collections, research institutes, religious buildings (churches, monasteries and mosques), etc., as they were photographed according to Dr Jacoby’s instructions. The Internet site is organized according to the original arrangement of the photographs in the albums.

Most of the collection has appeared as illustrative material accompanying publications of Dr. Jacoby and other researchers. Some photographs have never been published.

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