In Memoriam of Dr. Zehava Jacoby 1940-1999

 Zehava (Sophia) Jacoby was born on 24 January 1940 in the Polish city of Lvov (Lemberg) to Yosef Feigenbaum, who perished in the Holocaust, and his wife Ella (nee Fabian).

During the war years she was hidden in the home of a Polish woman. She was baptized, and her name was changed to Barbara.
Her mother escaped from a train carrying people to an extermination camp, and joined the partisans.
From 1945 until her immigration to Israel in 1949, Zehava wandered with her mother from Poland to Germany, Italy and South America. In 1949, she was orphaned of her mother. Later, she married David Jacoby, and bore two daughters, Ella and Avital.

In 1964 she completed her B.A. in English Literature and Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University. She studied in the Art History department for her M.A., which she completed in 1972.
In 1976 she received her doctorate from the Hebrew University, following approval of her thesis "The Sculpture of the Church and Monastery of Anzy-le-Duc: In the Framework of Romanesque Art in Burgundy"
In 1970 she began teaching at the University of Haifa in the Art History department. In the course of her academic work, she served as head of the department from 1978 to 1982. At the time of her death in 1999, she was a senior lecturer.
A Symposium on "Medieval Art and Architecture" in memory of Dr. Zehava Jacoby was held by the Department of Art History of the University of Haifa on 12.12.2005.

 Dr. Zehava Jacoby in front of Bab al-Nazir Sabil, Old City , Jerusalem, 1980's.