Location of Collections

Housed and accessible in our updated and recently enlarged facility of 16,000 sq. m. are 2.5 million print and electronic items.
The library has a number of collections and it is very important to check the catalog to see what collection an item is in. 
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General Collection

Northern wing. Most of our books are housed in this collection and can be borrowed for two weeks. As long as the book is not ordered by another patron and there are no problems with the loaner's library card (no overdue notices, fines or unpaid tuition bills, etc.), the loan period is extended automatically. It is the patron's responsibility to check the updated due date in his or her library card.

Reserved Collection

Central wing, library entrance floor. The reserved collection contains textbooks that were transferred from the general collection by faculty request. Most books can be borrowed for three days, some for overnight use only, and a small minority - is not for loan at all.This collection also includes the law reserved books, the media and regional studies collection, and Hebrew journals (including law journals).

Assessment Tool Collection

Central wing, library entrance floor, adjacent to the reserved media desk. This collection includes questionnaires and assessment kits in various fields such as: psychology, occupational therapy, and special education. The collection is open to the public during all library working hours.

Periodicals Collection

This collection is subdivided into foreign language periodicals, Hebrew periodicals and the microfiche collection. The Hebrew periodicals and the microfiche collections are located in the central wing at the library entrance floor (700 floor).The foreign language periodicals collection is located on floor 0 – in the new library section. Journals are available for loan to faculty and PhD students only.

Law Collection

Northern wing, first floor. The law collection includes: International and national legal literature: books, foreign language journals, legal encyclopedias as well as Israeli and foreign legislation and rules.

Media Collection

Central wing, library entrance floor. This collection includes audio-visual items such as: video, audio, scores, CDs, maps, satellite images, aerial photos, atlases, globes as well as reserved maps. All items are catalogued and appear in the One Search system and library catalogue. In addition, one can find utilities for the use of non-book materials (stereo sets, video machines, and DVD players). The media department includes special collections: art book collection, photography, geography, environmental studies, music, archeology and cartography, as well as relevant written materials related to non-book materials. The media desk is available for reference services, item loan, and ordering movies for class.

Cartographic Collection

This collection includes: flat maps, wall maps, satellite images, diagrams, atlases, globes, and digital collections. The collection is located in room 032 on floor 0 of the new library section. Maps are borrowed at the main circulation desk. Reserved maps are borrowed at the reserved media desk. Loan period: two weeks.

Dictionary Collection

Northern wing, floor 1.5. This collection includes dictionaries in all languages. Dictionaries may be borrowed for use during exams only.

Children's Collection

Northern wing, first floor. This collection includes about 20,000 Hebrew children's books and about 2,000 children's books in Arabic. Children's library opening hours.

Rare Book Collection

Northern wing, floor 1.5. This collection includes books from the early days of print. It can be accessed during the rare book collection room open hours (as posted on the library website ) by anyone and requires an identification card presentation.

Abba Khoushy Archive

Northern wing, floor 1.5, in the rare book collection room.

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