Journals approved by the Planning and Budgeting Committee (VATAT)

The Council for Higher Education's budget model, which was determined by the Planning and Budgeting Committee (VATAT), includes a teaching component and a research component. The research component is designed to reflect the university's publication output through objective measures, and includes a publication measure (number of the University faculty scientific publications) and an impact measure of these publications' quality (by the impact factor measure of journals in which these publications appear). University budgets are, therefore, influenced by researchers' choice of academic journal for publication.

Hebrew & Arabic publications: selected journal list from Haifa's Index to Hebrew Periodicals

The element of advertising in the budgeting model - explanations and clarifications (Hebrew, pdf)

The Planning and Budgeting Committee's budgeting model criteria for including publications in Hebrew journals

On December 14, 2017, the Planning and Budgeting Committee discussed the criteria for including publications in Hebrew journals in their budgeting model. As transparency increases and due to the exposure of the budgeting model (particularly, its publication component) to higher education institutions and the public, as well as the increase in requests for the inclusion of certain journals in the model, criteria and threshold requirements have been published.

Following are the criteria that a journal must meet in order for articles published in it be included in the publishing component of the budgeting model:

A. The journal must be published regularly.

B. The journal must be a formal journal with a unique ISSN number to be noted in the publication itself.

C. The journal must be peer-reviewed, and this should be noted in the publication itself.

D. The journal should have an academic editorial team or the support of an academic committee.

G. The institutional affiliation and academic title of the authors of each article should be noted in each issue.

Journals currently included in the budgeting model, which do not fully meet the above criteria, will be given a period of one year, from the date of publication, to adapt to the above requirements.