Collection Donors

NameDonationLibrary Items
Prof. Diane Levin 60 art and history monographs, the Lucille and Dr. Bertram Levin large art book collection Library items 
Rozanne Gold Dalia Lamdani Project  

Dr. Meir (Buchsi) Buchsweiler

Books, pamphlets and documents about the Yishuv, youth movements, the kibbutz movement,
Soviet Jewry and the German minority in the former Soviet Union 

Library items

Paul cotterell

Books and journals on the history of steam engines and trains

Library items

Prof. Aryeh Grabois

Books on medieval history Library items

Dr. Zehava Jacoby

 Photographs of crusader sculpture in the Land of Israel

Library items
Medical Law and Ethics

 Books and theses

Library items

Memoria Organization

 Publications about missing persons in Argentina

Library items

Yaakov Shimoni

 Books on countries in the Middle East and Africa Library Items