Digitzation and Preservation

For over two decades, as part of library collection development, the library has been promoting independent digital projects in cooperation with researchers from various fields. Our library systems provide the infrastructure for accessibility and preservation of research materials and collections. Among the digital collections you will find: the theses and dissertation collection, rare books, items from the Cairo Geniza, manuscriptsCrusaders Sculpture in the Land of Israelthe Aba Hushi Archive, publications and materials of the Institute for the Study of the Kibbutz, the University Archives, a collection of historical pictures of Israel, photography and photographers, aerial photography and Early Modern Shipwrecks Database.

digitization and preservation

The collections are an integral part of the library catalogue and can be retrieved and downloaded through our one search system. Many of the collections include original primary materials enriched with meta-data, which contribute to teaching and research at the within the university and elsewhere. Emphasis is placed on ensuring accessibility in the short and long term to the academic community and to people from the public, interested in heritage preservation and in supporting digital humanities.

The processes of scanning and digitization in the library are carried out in accordance with the highest standards of international standards, using advanced hardware and software and professional knowledge, and continue to develop constantly, in order to make them accessible in high quality and convenient access. 
The library is a participant in national and international projects in the fields of digital heritage preservation and digital humanities, and also assists and advises various organizations in these fields. 

The main purpose of the digital preservation activity is to document and preserve the content of physical materials, and making them accessible to the general public as well as students and researchers for teaching, academic research and research in the spirit of our time and advanced technologies.

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