Library Collections

The library collection is rich and diverse and consists of over 2.5 million items.

Book shelves in the library

Printed Books and Electronic Books

Most library print collections are incorporated in the general collection and are located in the Northern library wing. The books are arranged on shelves according to their call number (located on the back of the book), in a snake like order, from top to bottom on each book section and so forth.
Books may be borrowed for two weeks. As long as the book is not requested by another patron, and there are no problems with all other loans (there are no overdue notices, fines or unpaid tuition bills, etc.), the loan period is extended automatically. It is the patron's responsibility to check the updated due date in the "My Account, Loans & Requests" link.

E-Books Collections

The library's electoronic collection is comprehensive and covers a wide range of knowledge areas. The electronic collection can be accessed through the "OneSearch" system and through the library databases.

Rare Books, Archival materials and Manuscripts

The library collection of rare books and special collections includes books from the early days of print up until our time. Among these is Spinoza's book "Theological-Political Article" is accompanied by notes in his handwriting. The library holds 23 sections of the Cairo Geniza, which contain 53 pages. These are cataloged in the library catalog and are accessible in full text. A collection of Hebrew manuscripts including Bible commentaries and translations, Kabbala, customs, payer books and Machzors, life rituals, prayers, education and more. The collection contains manuscripts from Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora, particularly from the beginning of the modern era. Learn more about the rare collection of books at the link.


Hebrew journal collection: contains thousands of journals in various disciplines. The library purchases most journals published in Hebrew, including a large selection of daily newspapers in microfilm format. Microfilm and microfiche reader machines are available. Hebrew language articles can be located according to subject, author, journal title, and more.

Foreign language journal collection: the collection is located on level 0 of the new wing and consists of tens of thousands of titles. Most titles are in English however the collection includes a substantial number of journals in Arabic, French, German, Russian, and other languages. Articles in English on various topics can be located using the library databases.

Microform (microfilm and microfiche) collection includes thousands of items: books, PhD Dissertations, daily news – contemporary Israeli press and newspapers published before Israel was established, as well as important international newspapers, rare manuscripts and special collections.

Electronic Journals Collections

The Library subscribes to a growing number of electronic journals. This subscription allows access to the full text of many articles through the Internet. The electronic collection can be accessed through: OneSearch system, the library databses and Google Scholar

Reserved Collection

The Reserved collection includes books that were transferred from the general collection by faculty request. Most books can be borrowed for three days, some for overnight use only, and a small minority - is not for loan at all. This collection also includes the Law reserved books, the Media and Regional Studies collection, Hebrew journals (including Law journals) and the Assessment tool collection: questionnaires and assessment kits in various fields such as: psychology, occupational therapy, and special education. The reserved collection is located in the central wing on the library entrance floor.

Map Collection

The map collection includes flat maps, wall maps, satellite photographs, aerial photographs, charts, atlases, globes and digital collections.
Most maps are loaned for 2 weeks.
The digital collection includes images and maps in the areas of physical geography, human geography, environmental studies and Israeli geography.The Aerial Photos of Israel 1917-1919 is a collection photographed by German pilots who fought alongside the Turks in World War I and were the first to document Israel's landscape from the air. The photos were useful tools for mapping Israel and its cities.

The Video Collection

The collection includes over 14,000 films on videocassette and DVD. The videocassettes are in both PAL and NTSC formats, iincluding documentary, feature and educational films. It is a multidisciplinary collection covering all subjects studied in the university. Search for films in "OneSearch" as usual by title, author or keywords and limit the search results by material type: DVD. Films can also be located by Genre, for example musical films, horror films, comedy films, by searching for these terms in the Subject.

Audio Collection

The library collection consists of audio sound recordings on music, literature, language studies, and educational curricula. The collection is intended for on-site use and lending is only possible for lecturers and students during a lesson. Audio systems are available to users and allow individual listening for up to eight users.

Due to copyright restrictions recording of audio material is not possible. Specialist reference service on music and audio is given at the service desks. Photocopying of items in the music room is permitted unless otherwise stated on the shelf or on the item itself.

Music Collection
Users may search the entire music collection via the OneSearch system which indicates that an item is audio with a special icon. The Music Collection includes: Music of the western world - from ancient to contemporary, Ethnic music and world music, Jazz,  Jewish music,  Arabic music and Israeli music - classical, easy and ethnic.


The collection consists of about 2,000 titles primarily in Western classical music. The entire score collection is in the Media Wing. 
Scores are on the open shelves and are available for use to the University of Haifa community.

Music videos

The collection consists of videos on educational programs on music, biographies of artists and composers, opera productions, concerts, ballet, movies, music and more. Video recordings are in the format of tapes and DVDs. Please check OneSearch or the library catalog for available formats.

Children and Youth Library Collection

The library was founded by Professor Irene Sever in 1982. The library includes about 25,000 children's books in Hebrew and Arabic, and offers activities as well as research related to children, books and libraries. The collection serves the needs of students and researchers from various circles, librarians, and researchers from the field of librarianship, libraries and children's literature. Additional information on the library webpage (in Heb.)

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