Support service for researchers and graduate students conducting a systematic literature review

The reference department offers support to faculty and graduate students conducting a systematic literature review.

What is a systematic review?

A study in which the researcher is required to identify all relevant studies on a specific research question, assess their quality and synthesize their results by using a clearly and explicitly defined, systematic, transparent and reproducible methodology. This increases the chance that the study is accurate and free of bias and could be reproduced and updated in the future.
Since the article search process is complex, consulting with trained and experienced librarians who are familiar with databases and are skilled in conducting complex searches is advised.

The questionnaire in the following link can help you decide whether a systematic review is the appropriate methodology for your research question, and if so, what type of review is most appropriate. In addition, this article explains in detail the difference between a systematic review and a scoping review.

What does our service include?

- Review of the stages of the systematic literature review

- Recommendation of appropriate databases;in which to perform the search

- Support in search strategy formation

- Recommendation of various resources to support the study process

- Mendeley citation management software support. Mendeley is used to gather database search results and remove duplicates.

Additional information

- New! Watch the full interview with Haifa University researchers who performed a systematic review and share their experience and recommendations. This is a valuable resource for those planning a systematic\scoping review. To access English subtitles, click on cc and choose English (not auto generated)

- Systematic review tutorial

-Systematic literature review – an introductory lecture (in Heb.)

An introductory presentation about systematic reviews (27.7.20)

If you are interested in our assistance with your systematic review, please contact us at the following link

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