Library Assessment

The Library Assessment Team has been operating since 2007, in order to evaluate the library's services and evaluate how users perceive them. The team conducts a variety of surveys, usability tests and focus groups, and monitors the implementation of the results.

Among the areas examined: the physical environment, identification of user needs, collections, interfaces to access content, and remote services.

Among the activities performed: In-Library Use Surveys, Wayfinding, Focus Groups, Satisfaction Surveys, Usability Studies, a Non-Users' Survey and an Organizational Climate Survey. Link to the "Library Assessment" entry in Wikipedia.

Team Members

Sorin Solomon, Library Information Systems and Head Assessment Team

Naomi Gredinger, Library Director

Michal Gershtein, Head of Administration

Dr. Lynne Porat, Head, Interlibrary Loan Team

Sharon Shapira, Head of Technical Services Branch 

Iris Igra, Head of Outreach and Library Web Sites

Nir Zinger, Library Information Systems

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