Spinoza Archive and Safed Archive

Spinoza   Archive

On July 2, 1950, the late Georg Hertz Shamkuni founded the Spinozaeum in Carmel in Haifa. The Spinozaeum was the life-long activity of Shkimoni who was a great admirer of Spinoza and endlessly tried to remove the boycott that was set upon him in order to pronounce his greatness as a Jew. The Spinoza House Library (which includes nearly 400 books) was donated to our library and is now an integral part of our archival collections. The Spinoza House materials arrived at our library in two containers: letters, press clippings, various documents, photos, postcards and more. The Spinoza Archive file cataloging process and material scanning has been completed. The pictures from the Spinoza archive have been scanned and cataloged as well. Click to the digital collection

An example of digital photos from the Spinoza Archive

Safed Archive

Safed archives include documents from the early 1950s to the late 1970s dealing with city development, culture, education, art, finance, military, religion and more. 
As many as 161 files from the Safed catalog are cataloged. Of these, 18 are scanned and some are ready to be scanned.

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