Reserved Books Loans

There is no limit to the number of reserved books that can be loaned at one time for students or faculty. The Reserve room is an open-shelf collection. Readers can go to the shelves and choose the desired books themselves. Books are loaned at the Reserve desk by presenting an identity card (such as a student card or a faculty card) that proves eligibility for library services.

Loan period of Reserved books

Books with black tape can be loaned overnight (from two hours prior to the closing of the library until 10:00 the next day), for two hours during the day or for a week-end (from Thursday at 15:45 till Sunday at 10:00). 
Books with grey tape or grey/green tape can be loaned at any time during library opening hours for three days.

Returning of Reserved books

Reserved books can be returned at any time during library opening hours. Overnight loans must be returned by 10:00 the next day. Fines will be incurred on overdue books for each day each book is overdue (not including days that the library is closed). Readers with overdue books or unpaid fines are not entitled to library services until their fines have been paid. Readers may submit requests to cancel or to reduce the amount of a fine. Reserved books can be returned by mail or courier. The discharge date is the date that the books arrive in the Reserve room. It is the reader's responsibility to make sure that books arrive in the Reserve room and are discharged. After library opening hours Reserved books can be returned to the "Return box" on the fourth floor of Eshkol tower. The return date will be considered the next library opening day.

Renewing Reserved books

The items will be renewed automatically unless they are requested by another patron. We strongly advise that you regularly check your account on the library home page for updates.. Books that have been requested by other readers will not be renewed.

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